Advanced crimeware attacks have become the weapon of choice for criminal organizations seeking both automated and directed platforms for cybercrime. In fact, almost every enterprise network is already compromised by hidden malware that enables unauthorized criminal remote control access.

Every one of these breaches is another hidden avenue for industrial espionage, identity theft or access to financial systems and more.

Threats to the Networks are growing daily and can have the most destructive impact on our Clients Internal Security, as the communications infrastructure is critical to maintaining aviable business on a strict Need To Know basis. Today these attacks come from multiple sources and in a variety of forms. Our Clients need more than just some element of security advice or typical consultancy, they require a comprehensive, totally reliable and integrated security solution.

Honor Technology was conceived to permit security data from remote locations to share a client’s corporate internet network as the means of transmission to a central monitoring point. This can only be achieved and it must be understood by management by extreme firewalling and constant monitoring. This first line of security will ensure that any unauthorized access is totally controlled, agressively blocked with a No Compromise Approach to protect ‘core business data" and instantly alarmed for immediate counteractions.

Our Integrated platform support is purpose built to perform continual and critical security functions. Our systems are designed from the ground up and are not problematical like ordinary off-the-shelf equipments, they are Client specific and offer real time security protecting.