Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!

Operating at the leading edge of intruder alert systems, we can supply single-site alarm installations through to fully-networked solutions.

We can customize a simple or complex system to support your daily operation; all are depending on your specific Threat requirements. 

Our networked solutions provide the latest in point identification, site mapping, remote diagnostics and full two-way communications. This combination provides greater security whilst reducing false alarms and engineering costs.

Having someone break into your Home or Business, having property stolen or destroyed is one of the most disturbing topics imaginable. However Honor Technologhy are able to offer our Clients the very latest in Intruder Detection Systems. Systems that can identify a risk scenario in micro seconds and alert reaction teams to the scene within minutes. 

The intruder detection systems are all supported by our by 24/7 Operational Monitoring teams who control the emergency reaction teams.

This totally integrated service offers the client 24/7 peace of mind and on many occassions a reduction in Insurance premiums as the fire, water and criminal threat areas are all being monitored day and night.