Our 24/7 Technical Operations Center provides security and fire system management. Supporting the center are the Honor Engineers and Emergency Response Teams. This allows our Clients 24/7 support for any real or perceived threat.

The Operations Center has three major roles. The first is to monitor our Clients Locations for any alert to possible problem areas. The second to detect any Threat in motion and the third to despatch the necessary response teams to the scene.

Operations provides constant monitoring of the security and fire management systems, the alarm panels and CCTV Screens.

 Honor currently supports and monitors some 800 Clients systems, including in excess of 2000 cameras,1000sensors and a mulitude of integrated syatems. Where integrated systems are involved then proativity becomes the main driving force, as one system hands an intruder over to another, we are able to respond with our emergency reaction teams whilst monitoring the intrusion and movement of the criminal throughout the location. This then allows our emergency response personnel to report the visual contact and hand over the operation to the Police or on occassions the Military.