When travelling through "red zones" critical equipment and cargo is often targeted by criminal groups. 

We top cover all critical cargo movement through technical innovation, route analysis, forward surveillance of the route and continual control of the driver and vehicle.

None of our critical cargos travel at night and all are secured in controlled parking areas.  Our teams make the appropriate coordination and arrangements with local Police and Military to provide any additional support, as we travel through their Areas and Regions.

Satellite Technology

  • In tandem with our extensive communications and satellite networks, we exercise total control over vehicles and convoy movements throughout the region.  
  • From our 24/7 operations center, we control all routes taken, legally required rest stops, and ensure that no movement is carried out at night. 
  • At night we ensure that vehicles park in secure harboring locations.

Guaranteed Success

  • The Honor & Laurel Group has successfully transported over 1,000.000 tons of critical cargo throughout the Americas over the past 10 years.
  • Our logistical controls and transportation operations in “red zones” or “high risk zones” are validated on a daily basis.