Our security specialists: guards, receptionists, supervisors, 24/7 operations centers and emergency response teams, complete our integrated security services.  

Our aim is to minimize all risk areas for our Clients regarding their, name, image, reputation, employees, properties and products  from any threat related scenario. 

The teams are monitored and supported 24/7 by our National and Regional Operations Centers.

  • Our teams are carefully selected security personnel, provided with indepth training, special coaching, and constant supervision.
  • All personnel are vetted for their positions
  • We work with the Client to design their personalized protection plans
  • All our analysis is based on proactive solutions.
  • We introduce proven and tested standards that will eventually guarantee a significant increase in protection and a security budget reduction.
  • We complement our Physical Security with State-of-the-art technology.
  • We have the experience in operational integrated services through our monitoring  of security consoles, access controls and other technologies to support our reaction teams.
  • We have the capacity, reaction teams and operational experience to mange all emergency situations
  • This is your One Stop Shopping for security risk management solutions, specialist manpower and the most modern technical systems.