During a company's employee selection process, one of the most difficult aspects is the detection of an applicant's good or bad intentions. The same applies when looking for an honest business partner for an alliance or joint venture project. Our priority is to ensure that criminal elements, disgruntled employees or terrorists do not enter your commercial or private life.

During a selection process, one of the most difficult aspects is the detection of an applicant's good or bad intentions, It is not uncommon for people to present inaccurate personal details when seeking employment. In some instances we have discovered people with criminal tendencies who, but for background checks, were about to receive offers of employment. Such people are a danger to your organization and you need to guard against them.

 Laurel RMS Vetting Services Include:

  • Pre-employment screening confirms personal details, qualifications, past employment history and references.
  • Criminal background checks aimed at determining if applicants present a threat.
  • Advanced background checks on people holding sensitive positions such as Heads of Finance, Commercial, Operations.

Why is it necessary?

  • To exclude from your company individuals who represent a criminal or extreme threat
  • Connected in some way to terrorist groups, organized crime, or political pressure groups
  • Due to their personal life are vulnerable to criminal pressure, extortion or corruption

What does it offer?

  • It’s a major deterrent as it stops inappropriate individuals from applying for positions in the first place as they know they are going to be vetted.
  • It top covers the continual honesty of staff and is a major prevention in fraudulent activities.
  • It protects classified information, sensitive work areas and VIPs as all around them have been screened.

Laurel RMS Due diligence 

There are various reasons for carrying out a due diligence;

  • It confirms that the business is what it appears to be
  • It can identify potential deal killer and avoid a bad business transaction
  • You get full access to all Company premises and are able to follow and confirm the paper trails as to its legality, and fully establish that the assets actually exist.
  • Most important you establish that the transaction complies fully with the board’s acquisition or investment criteria.

If you fail to carry out a proper due diligence process you could certainly end up purchasing something that isn’t what you thought it would be and you are entering a business relationship that will be fraught with headaches and could have a negative on your own business.