Our carefully selected security professionals are always at your service, in order to manage all risk related scenarios and reduce their potential impact on our Clients' operations. This is achieved  through the implementation of effective and timely risk management, proactive security audits and goal oriented security consulting.


Our highly qualified auditing teams will analyze and test the security and internal controls of your organization in order to detect objectively, opportunities for improvement and enhancements,directly corresponding to the risks identified during the audit phase.

This may be due to a deficiency or even an excess in various areas, which cause a negative security impact on the company’s personnel, assets, information and operations.


We have highly qualified security advisors managing a variety of specialist areas, capable of carrying out a serious risk assessment within your organization and provide the necessary counter measures to minimize the detected risks, optimizing the level of protection and always seeking the best cost-benefit ratio.

 Laurel has a multifunctional team of professional Security Advisors, who specialize in various fields such as:

  • Security Risk Management
  • Physical Security
  • Electronic Security
  • Security of Information
  • Security of Value Chain Processes
  • Industrial Security and Safety
  • Forensic investigations
  • Management of community affairs
  • Business Continuity
  • Crisis Management Plans

Our Security Consultants are capable of carrying out Security Risk Assessments within the total areas of Threat scenarios and propose proactive solutions aimed at minimizing all potential risk areas.