Mr. William John Nixon is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Honor & Laurel Group.  His security company began offering protection to Northern Ireland’s war-torn business community in the 1980s. 

The Group was working in Russia on anti-corruption investigations during 1991, when it was invited to Colombia by a prestigious petroleum company who outsourced its Urban and Rural operations to Honor and Laurel.

The Honor and Laurel Group established operations in Colombia in 1992, during the worst moments of the country’s drugs war.  With increasing violence and crime in Colombia, Mr. Nixon saw a potentially huge and chronically underserviced security risk management market. “It is a sad fact but when you are in my line of work Colombia suddenly became an important place to be,” he says.

Now, 20 years later he is proud to have formed a very professional and diverse security risk management organization that supports more than 2,500 families throughout Colombia.   Today the Honor and Laurel Group manage the mixed variety of security risk management operations from it´s headquarters in Bogota, Colombia.

In 2009 the Group integrated electronic security into its service portfolio known today as Honor Technologhy. Today, The Honor & Laurel Group continues to grow and expand its operations to over 120 locations throughout Latin America.