Laurel RMS carries out Coaching and Training on the various security risks that our Clients could be exposed to.

Through years of pratitioner experience and the design of courses tailored to real world threats we alert our Client's employees and families to the daily criminal activities that surround them.

Our Laurel RMS facilitators use interactive training and coaching to enlighten all those who attend our seminars.

Some of our programs are:

  • Operational Training for our bodyguard teams and drivers
  • Managing emergency situations (armed attacks, ambushes, home assaults)
  • Security and training programs for executives and at risk staffs
  • Preventive and educational programs for family members and housekeeping staff
  • Security programs for high confidence personnel, secretaries and couriers
  • Prevention and handling of kidnapping situations
  • Fraud awareness
  • Offensive, evasive and defensive driving
  • Security and emergency brigades training within organizations
  • Confidential Information Management
  • Kidnap prevention and management
  • Blackmail/Extortion prevention and management
  • Hostile Environment training
  • Personnel Evacuation
  • Due Diligence
  • Product protection
  • Contingency planning

Please note that the above are just a few of our security risk management training and coaching programs.